Christmas is Over Lets Book the Holiday!

 As soon as night follows day, when we get to the 2015 side of Christmas day, the TV schedules of the commercial TV channels will not only be filled with fat opera singers and meerkats, but also with masses of advertisements encouraging us to book our summer holidays. It is seemingly the only way to beat the post Christmas blues according to the advertisers. I wonder how many people actually take as much care with their arrangements for Travel Insurance for the holiday as they do with the booking of the holiday or the preparation of the Turkey!?

Thinking back over the last few years, for the second time in recent years, holidaymakers were concerned at the prospect of having their holiday travel plans interrupted by volcanic ash thanks to an Icelandic volcano. The complexity of medical conditions affecting the operation of a holiday insurance, added to the failure of scheduled airlines and other relevant issues have led MOFS to utilise Tokyo Marine Kiln Insurance as our chosen travel insurance provider.

The product that we offer is not the cheapest on the market, but it provides good value for money in covering some of the risks that many other travel insurance policies do not cover, unbeknown to the individuals who buy them, either online or through a travel agent. The added bonus of buying travel insurance through a broker such as Mason Owen Financial Services is that in the event of a claim we are able to assist our client in making that claim, which is one of the main reasons why you would use a broker to arrange insurance for you.

So remember if you are booking your holiday, don’t buy the travel policy at the point of sale, buy through a broker to ensure that the cover you buy is cost effective and provides you with the widest possible cover. If you would like a quotation please click here or contact one of our team.

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