MOFS to MIPIM 2018 (Day 1) – Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and Boats)

Approaching Nice Airport

The day started early for Sam with a very early morning flight from Stanstead to Nice, though Alex and I had the benefit of a late morning flight from Manchester.

The Jet2 Flight departed on time but it was only when we got on board that we realised that we had booked on the same flight as the official Manchester delegation. In addition, almost the first person we bumped into when we got onto the plane was James Nicholson of Harlex Property, who is attending his first MIPIM on behalf of the new company he formed in 2017.

We were followed onto the plane by Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, who like in 2017 is also part of the Manchester delegation and certainly made an impression last year.

Sights turned to the announcement from the PA from one of the organisers of the Manchester trip, only to advise that the official Manchester stand that was situated on the beach, and as shown in 2017 in the picture, had been flooded overnight by a high tide and was destroyed. The stand was being rebuilt ahead of the start of the conference on Tuesday but the welcome drinks party scheduled for Monday evening had to be moved to the Majestic Hotel. At that point I considered asking if suitable exhibition cover had been arranged, but that of course would have been far too late!

It is always good to see ones bag come off the carousel, but that is where the MOFS trip got slightly curtailed as there were problems with the French railways and there were no trains for approximately 4 hours during the middle of the afternoon. Who says that is only British trains that have the problems!

However, in spite of the adverse publicity for Uber in the UK, it is a relatively welcome service when arriving at Nice Airport during MIPIM week and thus a taxi arrived fairly promptly and we proceeded to Cannes.

Andrew Gibbons & Alex Bielinski of MOFS with Mark Beardwood of DLA Piper


So we had already done the planes, missed out on the trains and used the automobiles, so what of the boats?! Well the boat came courtesy of Mark Beardwood, Partner at DLA Piper, who is a great supporter of MOFS on the Legal Indemnity side.



Whilst the evening finished with us entertaining Mark at dinner in the Old Town, there was still opportunity to meet some other old acquaintances and clients including Guy Butler from Glenbrook Property, which allowed us to recreate some advertising for MOFS of our 2018 MIPIM webpage.

Guy Butler of Glenbrook Property and Andrew Gibbons
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