Is Answering the Call Really Worth It?

Preventing unnecessary deaths on our roads has always been a high priority for the Highways Agency and its predecessors. The design of roads and traffic calming measures have all contributed to a marked reductiPostson in road deaths but there continues to be one area that causes the authorities concern in contributing to an increasing number of road deaths, which is the use of mobile phones behind the wheel.

In March 2011, the US Insurance company, State Farm Insurance, announced the results of a study which showed that 19% of drivers say they had accessed the internet on a smart phone whilst driving. In the UK, it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving unless such use is a voice call connected by a hands free car kit. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the ban has had little or no impact.

The increase in road deaths is not just a UK problem, this is something that is an issue the World over. The fact that the use of mobile phones behind the wheel is now the contributory factor to the majority of deaths on the World’s roads has prompted Volkswagen to make a hard hitting commercial aimed at unsuspecting cinema goers, with a view to try to improve the incidence of road deaths as a result of this cause.

The commercial can be accessed by clicking here

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