For the Laird of Dunans, Life Begins at 50!!?

Simon-aged-4 For all of us, a birthday is but a once a year thing, unless you are the Queen of course! But when Simon Hawley of evolve Fund Services was approaching his 50th year, where most of us are just thinking about a party or a particular gift that we have perhaps always wanted, Simon took a slightly different approach.

Simon decided that he would spend pretty much the whole of his 50th year doing things that he had always aspired to do, doing some things that were nostalgic and best of all, some things that he felt that he could get away with under the auspices of the excuse of his 50th year!

Rather than just keep this adventure to himself, Simon decided to share his adventures with the world which you can enjoy in more detail by clicking here. But just to give you a flavour of what his blog includes, an account of a trip to Anfield to see his “Mighty irons” draw 0-0, a visit to the Champions League Final at Wembley and separately, an impromptu meeting with Ricardo Villa. There is a very loose insurance connection with a tour of Lloyd’s of London including sight of the Lutine Bell, driving to a weekend at the Bath Priory in a Maserati Grancabrio, but culminating in August in a re-make of the Duran Duran video “Rio”, which really must not to be missed! It is really impossible to tell the original video from the remake, though there are widespread concerns that some of the performers seem to be enjoying their roles a little too much!

In addition, Simon is the “Real” Laird of Dunans, the blog contains evidence of this fact and explains all. If nothing else, this would make a great twitter avatar!!

We at MOFS are really pleased to have been able to assist Simon with some of his adventures and we can only urge you to visit the blog spot to see his progress so far as it is still a work in progress.

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