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BIS is owned by Mason Owen Financial Services which in turn is owned by Mason Owen and Partners, a highly regarded and long established firm of Property Consultants. As you would no doubt expect therefore, we are experts in the field of Commercial Property insurance and associated business classes.

We have a wealth of experience of the issues and problems faced by clients in the Property industry, and can back this up by in-house access to a team of Chartered Surveyors and qualified commercial property lawyers.

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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act...​

The rules surrounding a law implemented by the US Treasury called the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) changed on the 01st January 2017

The law is intended to combat tax evasion by US tax payers who have investments outside of the USA. Whilst our group of companies does not write business in the US territory, the Act applies to UK policies placed by US citizens or US residents and also brings in the risks including travel insurance were the policy extends to provide cover to anybody who visits the USA. We are required to make our FATCA forms available to any interested party.

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