When standard household or motor insurance products just won’t do, you need Bespoke Personal Insurance

plimagesWhilst we are all keen to ensure that businesses are covered adequately our focus is perhaps even more important when we look to protect our own possessions and families.

Whether we are concerned with the home we live in, the cars we drive or travelling abroad, either together as a family or individually, piece of mind is essential. We can tailor high net worth insurance to provide the appropriate protection for individuals who require something beyond normal household and motor products that are on offer in the market.

Whilst not exhaustive, examples of such policies that we can arrange include cover for:

  • Luxury Homes (whether in the UK or Overseas)
  • Collections of Art
  • Jewellery and Fine Wines
  • Prestige Cars
  • Super Bikes
  • Yachts and Pleasure Craft