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Medical Declaration

If you or any person who is to be insured under this policy or any person on whom the trip depends needs to make disclosure of a known medical condition, you need to refer to the Medical Referrals requirements. To establish whether or not a declaration needs to be made, click here

Terms of Business Agreement

Confirming that you have read in full our Terms of Business Agreement and have accepted the Terms and Conditions of that agreement. A copy of which can be found here

The role of MOFS

When buying travel insurance from MOFS, we must advise you that under law of agency, during this transaction MOFS will be acting as an agent of the insurer, DTW 1991 Underwriting Limited. On a regular basis, we survey the market to ensure that the insurance protection provided by DTW 1991 Underwriting Limited remains suitable for our clients and provides wide cover at a reasonable cost. When providing a quotation, we will only provide you with a quotation from DTW 1991 Underwriting Limited.

We must also bring to your attention that at any time, should you require details of the extent of our commission earnings in relation to an insurance policy that you purchase via this website we are happy to provide this information to you. We will also remind you at the renewal of the policy of your continuing right to request this information. In the event that you do require details of our commission earnings please email

Online Service Declaration Statement

When you pay the premium to either the Insurer or MOFS, the transaction is subject to risk transfer, which means that any credit risk is borne by your Insurer. You must also accept MOFS Online Declaration Statement which can be read here As you will be purchasing your policy online, if you are unhappy with the product or the service you receive, you can also use the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution service to make a complaint at

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