In, Out, and Shaken all about?

Regardless of the result of the vote on Thursday 23rd June 2016, one certainty is that there will be implications for the property industry.  Most of us involved in the industry are aware of transactions which have stalled awaiting the outcome of whether we remain in Europe or we are subject to Brexit. If we do pull out of Europe some property deals may not proceed, others may proceed at a renegotiated value or perhaps even be cancelled. If we remain there could be an influx of deals trying to complete in a short timescale.

Title insurance can be used to speed up the acquisition, disposal or refinance of multiple property assets whilst providing additional security.

At Mason Owen Financial Services we can provide a n efficient solution to provide a cost effective solution to help speed up the process. Our  guide  to Portfolio Indemnity can be found here, which summarises the benefits and explains the process.

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