Group Statement Regarding the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

As the shocking scenes in Ukraine have unfolded, it is perhaps not surprising that people are starting to reflect on what they can do individually in order to show support for the people of Ukraine. The sanctions imposed by the UK and other world Governments have started to have an effect, along with high profile businesses taking the decision to withdraw their goods and services to Russia, even where sanctions are not legally required. In this country, individual buying choices are also being made, which are resulting in queries from our clients as to our involvement or otherwise with Russian businesses and interests. It is to answer those queries that we felt that this statement would help to answer the queries that people are raising.


All clients, Insurers and suppliers with whom we deal are checked against the following sanctions lists:-


  • EU Sanctions
  • HMT Sanctions (This includes all Sanctions Orders imposed by the United Nations)
  • HMT Ukraine
  • OFAC Consolidated (SDN)
  • OFAC Sanctions (NON SDN)


It is an offence to deal with any individual or business who appears on such a list and therefore, with the help of our Sanctions check provider, all clients are checked at the time that we first take an instruction from them and then they are automatically checked as and when there is a change to the various sanctions lists mentioned. Therefore, we can confidently state that we do not deal with anyone or any business recently sanctioned as a result of the war in Ukraine.

As a result of the client, Insurer and Supplier checks that we undertake, we do not knowingly deal with any person or organisation with links to the state of Russia, or any Russian owned Insurers or suppliers of other products to our business. Further, we are not knowingly aware of any direct links to the Russian state of any of the Insurers with whom we deal.

Like most people, we are concerned at the plight of the people of Ukraine and in consequence have made a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal launched by the UK Government this week. If you wish to donate then please click here

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