Changes to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) Access Issues

After many years of becoming used to the Motor Insurers Database (MID) system, we have learned that the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is in the course of migrating the MID onto a new platform called NAVIGATE.

The MIB have produced training videos and user guides. These can be accessed below:


All vehicles need to be registered on the MID in order to prove that they are insured. The original plan was to have everyone moved across to the new platform by Monday 29th April but unfortunately there have been issues affecting everyone who would be likely to use this system including Insurers, Insurance Brokers and Clients who have direct access to the system.

This is an industry wide issue that the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is working hard to resolve. The MIB have advised that the earliest this will be fixed, will be the middle of this week.

The vast majority of our customers vehicles will show as live on the MID because it has the data from 26th April, (before the move to Navigate) and this is what the police will see when accessing Navigate.

We continue to monitor all insurers to confirm that Navigate is working correctly, but at the moment it is not working as it should

If you, as a client:-

  1. Normally access the MID directly yourself, please make contact with colleagues here at MOFS to advise us of any vehicle changes which need to be made, whether this be a vehicle addition or vehicle deletion.
  2. Usually advise MOFS and do not have direct access to the MID, please continue to use this process to notify any changes to vehicles.


We understand that the police are aware of the current issues but we would suggest keeping a paper or electronic copy of your motor certificate with you, just in case you are stopped at the roadside. You normally have a grace period to present documents to the Police should a vehicle be impounded, but hopefully consideration will be shown during the time that the system remains down.

Colleagues are on hand during office hours to be able to assist where we can to confirm that your vehicles are insured where we have a note of your vehicles on our records.

Contact details for colleagues can be found by clicking here.

For more information call 0151 255 2600 or email